Sunday, February 9, 2014

Never Enough

Ah, young love.  The rarely attempted perpendicular angle kiss and pushing your girlfriend from room to room by the shoulders.

I hope you have enough time to help Tommie finish cleaning up fawn excrement because that's what's happening while you guys are romancing.


Grace Goldragon said...

In the seconds before I looked directly at the comic, as my eyes drifted around the page, the shadow in the final panel, as seen out of the corner of my eye, made dude look like he had a bun. For one gloriously elating split second my brain interpreted this to mean that it was Margo kissing Tommie in the first panel. Imagine my disappointment.

molly said...

Oooh, sexy times! Copious amounts of hot n heavy British sexy times!

I think he's practicing on a Tommie paper doll in the first panel, judging by his grip over her paper-thin shoulder and Tommie's lack of engagement in this "kiss".

Maggie said...

Not surprisingly, kissing Tommie does not result in a glorious explosion of light like kissing Margo or Lu Ann or almost anyone else does:

Tommie, try moving your lips or doing something with your hands--something!