Monday, February 3, 2014


Two weeks later and no incidents to speak of? Unless this week is just a crazy hilarious recap week of Tommie and Margo telling-not-showing everything that's gone wrong since they got the deer.

  • Monday: "She's growing like a weed, Tommie. This can't go on forever." "Don't worry, Margo."
  • Tuesday: "You mean you decided to sell her for venison jerky as I suggested, Tommie?" "I thought you only meant that in jest, Margo! You know she didn't mean to pee on your memory foam mattress. Twice."
  • Wednesday: "I don't know that, Tommie. I also don't know that she didn't mean to chew through the cable wire and make me miss my Game of Thrones marathon." "She's only a child, Margo!" 
  • Thursday: "Tommie, are you saying you really aren't mad at all that she ate holes into all your pajama suits from the Paula Poundstone collection?" "That did make me cross, but..."
  • Friday: "She's one of us now, Margo!" "It was pretty funny when Lu Ann started popping those 'bon-bons' in her mouth..."
  • Saturday: "That's the spirit, Margo! Want to come with me to pick up my Lyme's disease medication at Duane Reade?" "No, just pick me up some chloroform and a burlap sack. No reason. Ooh, and a Dove bar."


Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

Maggie, if you wrote this strip it would be intentionally hilarious!

Anonymous said...

This was 'coffee out the nose' funny!

molly said...

Paula Poundstone pajama suit collection... I love it!

Oh deer, I'm not too fawned of this plot, doe I guess I can give it a chance. **groan**

Maggie said...

Fawned. Haha. I love puns and I don't care who knows it!

Dawn Weston said...

Life is brutal.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

LOL! Maggie, you should write this strip!

mrvy said...

Such is the power of the fawn that Margo lets down her bun. Maybe Lily ate it. And thus Margo undergoes a radical personality change. Why is she not pitching all kinds of fits?