Sunday, February 16, 2014

See You In A Month, Jim

I have no real comment on this strip.  It's just another boring "fill up two panels with stuff that is completely irrelevant whilst ignoring the more pressing issue of how there is a feral deer living in the apartment" situation. 

However, I find myself thinking about Margo, Lu Ann, Tommie, the fawn and Big Jim staying in one apartment.  Have we ever had conclusive evidence of the layout of 3G?  Do they have three bedrooms?  In Manhattan?!?!  Where does the deer sleep?  Why wouldn't Jim get a room at the Hampton Inn or something and charge that to Harrod's? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Since no one in this strip ever has sex, I'm guessing that two of the girls will double up, Tommie will sleep with the fawn, & Lord Whatshisinameishershamisteere will be in old timey striped pajamas & a bathrobe, in a room all to himself, which will include ornate drapes, a potted plant, and a bookcase or two.

I also predict that the fawn will eat/poop on/chew up something of value... it HAS to, right?