Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jack and Tommie

I'm not sure if I'm hoping that second panel was an intentional double entendre, or really really praying that it wasn't. So I'm going to ignore it and move on.

You can tell Jack is a salty rough manly man, because he commands Tommie to call him Jack IN BOLD. On the other hand, you can tell he has a heart of gold, because look at that smile in the second panel.

Do you think Thelma Cobb blabbed to him about Tommie and that's how he knows her name? That old card Thelma. Of course, he knows it's her because she has a deer in her car and OH YEAH IT'S STILL IN THERE maybe the vet would like to get the poor thing out of that confined space and check it out.

Ah, Happiness Falls is so charming.


Carlye said...

Where is Happiness Falls? It looks like it's summer there.

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

Oh Casey, Tommie told the vet to call her Tommie, not Red. So there.

On the other hand, Tommie knows she has a deer in the car and isn't telling, which I find incredibly creepy.

I guess it's all right because the horsie is going to be all right (although it doesn't ring true that a farrier would recruit a complete stranger to hold a horse he's working on. Just sayin'...)