Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not Coming Home

It's always Tommie's night to cook.  As the Alpha Roommate, Margo delegates all chores to the  underlings.  And Lu Ann isn't allowed to use any cooking implement stronger than an Easy Bake Oven.  But Margo is not dropping $75 on a sack of take-out tonight, so you best get yourself home and heat her up a frozen pizza.

What do we think Tommie is looking at in the last panel?  Is Dr. Jack trying to mate Lily with his aggressive colt?  Has Lily, who has grown comfortable with the confined spaces of a Manhattan apartment/Packard/sleazy motel, had an agoraphobic freak out on Dr. Jack?



Anonymous said...

Margo wants to know; 'what's going on?!' Hey, Margo! Me too!

Allen said...

Oh my goodness, this week's strip particularly tickled me.

What is after the last panel? I immediately pictured Jack standing stark naked, leaning against the door frame, only holding a cowboy hat to hide his nether regions. But more likely it's probably Lily finally dropping dead from starvation and neglect.

Also, of course Margo is visibly shaken by Tommie's insolence. How dare she not be home to feed Margo! In the last panel, I just imagine Margo yelling into the receiver, "Don't you dare make me order take-out, you cow. You get back here right now! Do you hear me?? ... Tommie? TOMMIE!!"

Oh, perhaps Luann can cook that leg of lamb Tommie bought for her dead fiance! And, of course, Margo won't leave any leftovers for Tommie.

Maggie said...

Your secret message today slayed me! Probably the best explanation of the constant parade of turtlenecks yet.