Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stranger Danger

There are several possibilities for how Dr. Jack Riley, Large Animal Vet found Tommie after she left town with Lily in tow:

1) The motel is actually a part of Dr. Jack's farm, and he keeps those rooms occupied by luring people to Happiness Falls with the promise of a sanctuary for their large exotic animals.   Then, just as night is about to fall, he insults them for thwarting mother nature's grand design, and they storm off into the night and stop at first motel they happen upon.
2) Happiness Falls is populated by only Jack Riley, his colt and that busybody from the town hall, and the three of them take turns running all the local establishments.
3) The motel was a mirage and Lily and Tommie really just spent the night hiding out in someone's shed.


Barking Monkey said...

Oh No! It's the WICKER MAN town! Flee Tommie, before you're sacrificed!

Matthew Schumm said...

Or he's THAT Jack Riley. You know, the notorious blancmange impersonator and cannibal (http://www.ibras.dk/montypython/episode07.htm).

fauxprof said...

Research indicates that fawns do not say "bleat". They speak plain English, although only to baby skunks and bunnies. (You do your research, I'll do mine.)

Scott P. said...

"Strangers are our specialty! Fricaseed, pulped, boiled, you name it! Oops, did I say that last part out loud?"

Scott P. said...

"This is Happiness Falls. Everybody is happy in Happiness Falls. And if you're not happy, you don't get to leave until you are!"