Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Change of Plans

Wait, what was Margo's advice?  To go to the courthouse on a weekday and then just go to the Olive Garden afterwards?  Because at this point, that's the best advice that could possibly be given.  Sure, you can get much better Italian food almost anywhere, but people will totally load up on free salad and breadsticks and then eat less of their entrees, which will keep costs down.  Plus, old people think it's fancy.

Also, I thought Margo super didn't want to help plan this wedding.  So much so that she dumped it on Sam.  I'm confused.


Anonymous said...

This plot has had me confused for months. Whatever happened to plot and character continuity?

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Wha...??? I don't understand any of this!

Elaine said...

And I don't understand the bridesmaids. Why on earth would Gabby want bridesmaids - isn't she a little too big for all that fru fru stuff??