Wednesday, February 4, 2015

So Soon?

Wait wait wait. Did Sam the assistant do nothing? I mean, he's ostensibly been helping to plan this wedding for at least a couple months, until getting exhausted by the interference of the cunning Diane Devine, off-panel psychic. But still, basic conversations about venue and bridesmaids have no doubt been had at this point! What else could Sam possibly have been doing since November?

Dumping on the poor artwork of a 90-year-old man is one thing, but the writing is really inexcusably stupid at this point. The only thing that will save this storyline is if my awesome theory is true: Sam is Diane Devine! Knowing the wrath of Margo that will rain down upon him if he admits he didn't even get in touch with Gabriella to help plan this wedding, Sam instead decided to put on a wig and pretend to be a fortune teller to get the whole damn thing cancelled. Certainly as plausible as any of this circuitous storytelling, AND involves dressing in drag, AND probably Robin Hood-like antics, AND eventually Margo's unbridled fury.

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Barking Monkey said...

I don't see what the problem is, Ms. Shulock has crafted a perfectly reasonable A to B to C narrative. Sam attempted to meet with Gabrielle to hammer out the venue, bridesmaid, etc. issues, but everytime he did D.D. used her evil off-panel psychic powers to render him unable to focus on anything but sandwiches.
Also, Margo is yelling because of her sugar-rush from the breakfast pie. (Well, that and basic Margo-ness.)