Friday, February 13, 2015

Suck It Up

Based on our first week of interactions with Diane Devine, I'm really disappointed by how un-psychic she is. Are we sure she's not just really pushy? Is there a way someone could confuse "pushy" with "psychic"? She could've said she saw in a vision that it's Gabriella's destiny to wed at the House of Well Stones, but instead she's just like "It's really pretty, don't worry, Martin will deal." Come on. Juice up this paranormal stuff a little bit. The Mary Worth wedding storyline is more interesting than this, and they're getting married at City Hall.


Dawn Weston said...

Sigh! Mary Worth is always more interesting than A3G.

fauxprof said...

Yes, and MW is drawn better, too. But then, Joe Giella is only 86.