Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Oh man!  A Downton Abbey reference in A3G?   That's like...a current television show!  Maybe Shulock could watch an episode or two and learn about how to write compelling storylines.  An entire season of just Lady Edith moping about the castle would be a better storyline than anything in the recent history of A3G.

 I can see now why Martin isn't on board with the Stonewell House.  I mean he's rich, but not "get married in a European castle" rich.  That's reserved for your George Clooneys and your Justin Timberlakes.


Maggie said...

Not Downton Abbey! Just that British show about some abbey. That could mean anything!

Seriously, I'm going to write an A3G spinoff comic strip called "Downtown Abbie."

Barking Monkey said...

Yeah, but it's Margo's family, so they can probably just have the Wedding on the sidewalk in front of Stonewell and no one will be any wiser.