Friday, November 11, 2011

I Must Control This!

"And by wrong dress, I mean any dress. Because obviously you are going to wear Mother's wedding dress. In fact, I brought you some of her clothes to wear so you'll smell like her. Don't you think your hair should be greyer?"


Ken said...

You smell just like moth balls Lu Ann, just like mama Linski.
Frank Booth: Baby wants to ... Baby wants .... blue velvet!

mrvy said...

Re: Friday's strip - In all fairness to Paul, Catholic churches do ask brides not to have bare shoulders during the actual Mass. Many who opt for sleeveless dresses wear a little bolero jacket in church and remove it for the reception.

I think we confirm Paul was Catholic when he invited Lu Ann to Mass. No doubt he remembers she was too hot for church.

Still, Paul, really! Ya think your fiancée wants to be stalked in the bridal shop? You could have told her the rules ahead of time; heck, you could have told Ruby.

This way, though, we know Paul's a scary control freak from Planet Linski. Which makes the story so much more entertaining.

Roy said...

I think this whole plotline is a passive aggressive attack on Frank Bolle by Margret Shulock. This is a woman who is a Katy Keene fan, and she is writing for an illustrator who refuses to even bother with the middle of the torso anymore. Just look at strips from a couple of years ago and you can see how little he puts in to it these days.

In any other comic format wedding dress shopping would be a time for dress porn and showing off by the artist. But just as with the makeover plotline and the New Years strips with the fantastic too hot for Hoboken line, Bolle just doesn't want to put any effort into it.

Honestly, it is getting to the point that Shulock's storyboards would be better than what Bolle puts out.

I know this is a lot heavier than most of the posts around here, but I have been watching this strip die for years, and the scripts are a lot better than they were ten years ago, but the art is killing it.

Roy said...

I think I am going to repost this rant on Comics Curmudgeon, I really love this site, until I found you, I really thought I was the only 3G obsessive, but it sort of completely sums up what I have been feeling lately.

Elaine said...

@mrvy - Planet Linski, love it!! So how many more weeks do we have to go through this story with the Linski cult before Lu Ann wakes up and realizes she should walk away while she can??