Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meanwhile, in New Jersey

So it looks like we took a little Thanksgiving hiatus here at the old blogspot. Hope you all had a relaxing, gluttonous holiday and a joyful day of pepper spraying your fellow shoppers for discounted merchandise!

We've got a lot to recap, so let's get to it!

Thursday, November 25th

OK, it's one thing to paint the extra room a pastel color just in case you decide to use it as a nursery, but to go out and buy a crib before you even get married? That's a dealbreaker (don't sue me Tina Fey). Is Paul's dad supposed to look worried in the second panel? I would have thought he was having a stroke. Don't worry, Lu Ann's the best*!!

*The veracity of this claim has not yet been scientifically proven.

Friday, November 25th

Hey there Gene! Just so you know, I've been working on this blog for like a year and I don't really know Lu Ann Powers all that well. There's really not much more than meets the eye. Have you bought a squiggle painting yet? I'm pretty sure the explanation is in there somewhere.

At least Paul agrees with me that his dad is acting a little creepy. Or at least Paul's eyebrows in the first panel and the black hole creeping in on the right side of the strip agree with me.

Monday, November 28th

Oh boy, this Lu Ann thing is killing old man Linski. He has aged twenty years in three strips! The Linskis have two rules. Number one, always make life changing decisions without consulting your significant other/family member. Number two, it is unnatural to want to live more than two houses away from your immediate family and reflects poorly upon your moral character. The Linski Congress is considering adding a rule (Number three, always wear white shirts), but they're not sure they can get it past Wally's subcommittee.

Tuesday, November 29th

Paul, you should have seen this coming! It's Linski Rule #1! But it is a little crazy. I mean did the Linskis even ask Lu Ann about her family? Paul's so mad he's developing a hunch, and that hunch is bobbling!

Maggie and Casey, you're welcome.


Maggie said...


Maggie said...

Oh my god, this is so great. They're all gems, but the Wally subcommittee killed me. I wish this recap could've gone on forever.

mrvy said...

Papa Linski's facial expression in panel 2 of Tuesday's strip is downright frightening. Just who is this "friend" who runs background checks willy-nilly?

Ken said...

In defense of Papa Bear Linski, Lu Ann is going to be his next door neigbor and I'm sure he is worried about property values. Why else would you do a background check?

I would like to see this play out in the following way:

A week later in NYC.
Paul: Lu Ann, I'm sorry for the craziness with my family. I realize now that what matters is us. I was a fool to buy that house and stalk you all over the city to make my parents happy. I want us to be happy, together...forever. Let's live in the city and make a life for us.

Lu Ann: Oh Paul! (Jumps into his arms)

Meanwhile in NJ...

Papa Bear Linski: (Thought bubble) I may have failed Paul, but I won't make the same mistakes with Wally. (Out loud) Wally, would you come in here? I want to talk to you about your future.

Elaine said...

Thank heavens you're back!! So much excitement going on, can't wait for Papa Linski's revelations of Lu Ann's sordid past!!!!

Casey said...

Thanks Megan! Love you for covering for my Thanksgiving slip up and doing it hilariously. Maggie, I totally agree. The subcommittee was the cherry on top of a delicious sundae.