Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the beginning...

Pay no attention to this salty droplet creeping down my face. I'm not really crying! I guess I never really pictured Lu Ann as the youngin' of the group. Clearly Margo is the oldest, but Tommie seems more like the young one to me. Maybe that's just because she's been in a Peter Pan wardrobe phase this week. The important thing is that both Tommie and Margo were really hesitant to bring her on board as a roomie, but then financial necessity and a complete lack of other applicants guided their hands. What a wonderful friendship genesis story! I wonder if it's accurate? Maggie, to the archives!

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Anonymous said...

Now look here, ladies. How old ARE you three? The rule of the willing suspension of disbelief is that you help us pretend that you are all, er, uh, twenty-nine? You can't go around talking about how young Luann is/was/would be if we knew how old anyone were--see there? You made me uncertain about the subjunctive! The rules are as follows: Mary Worth is 104, Phantom is immortal, Nancy is a midget, Curtis has a hormonal deficiency, and the 3-G Girls, are just that, girls. Good Lord, there are three girls in apartment 3-G. We couldn't be any clearer about this. Ok, back to the story.

PS Didn't Margo once wonder if a potential date was a "hat man"? Maybe "bridge and tunnel" is another of Margo's crotch-talk references.