Monday, October 31, 2011

Beer Tears

Well, Tommie, your wish is granted! A second bottle of wine. Allright, now we're having fun! Everyone's loosening up annnnnnnd now you're crying. "I'm going to miss Lu Ann so much! -sniff- She's like a sister to me and MY CAREER IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES and I hope you'll come back and visit and RICK-E ISN'T ATTRACTED TO ME, NO ONE IS and -sniff- what color bridesmaids dresses was Mrs. Linski thinking?"


mrvy said...

In addition to making her more emotional, wine makes Tommie look younger. Or like an elf. Either one.
Check out her ear in panel 2.

Meanwhile, Margo in panel 1 looks like her collagen injection went horribly wrong. Fortunately, the wine took care of this misfortune by panel 2.

Lu Ann, however, looks relatively normal, since "deer in the headlights" is normal for her. Ah, the power of love.

Ken said...

I have decided my life needs more finger pointing and tiny wine glasses. I can start right away with the finger pointing, but I'll need to make a trip to the tiny wine glass store.

Margo has had some contorted poses in the last three strips.

Maggie said...

Oh, I meant to say something about the tiny wine glasses. LOOK HOW TINY! Thanks for keeping me honest, Ken.

mrvy: Tommie Thompson is... Peter Pan!