Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Recap

Friday, September 3oth

"Quick, get the binoculars! They're right outside!" I'm surprised that the reason Poppa Linski is concerned about the relationship is that they're "so different." Really? I would have thought it would be that Paul is making major life decisions without consulting Lu Ann. Or that he has a mysterious source of income that allows him to be part of the landed gentry of Hoboken. Or that they barely know each other.

Saturday, October 1st"It's science, opposites attract!" Nothing could possibly go wrong spending the rest of your life with someone you have nothing in common with.I'll have to defer to Maggie for the full history of Lu Ann's family situation. I know she and her mother aren't close, but I don't know what her daddy issues are. "Stop your worrying, let's go get into our side by side bathtubs because I think we're running out of time for your current Cialis dose, Papa Bear"


Hal Hildebrand said...

What the hell is that painting thing in panel 2?

Mark said...

Thank you so much for the Cialis reference.

Maggie said...

I was trying to think of all the ways Paul and Lu Ann are different.

Lu Ann = artist, likes New York, doesn't buy houses
Paul = piano mover, doesn't care much for New York, buys every house he can find

I think that covers everything?Megan, I think you're right, what's really going to mess this up for Lu Ann is her tragic lack of hands-on parents. (Paul could NEVER marry an ORPHAN!) Lu Ann's dad is a kind of scruffy, non-communicative guy and her mom is either dead or institutionalized... gotta do some research on that one.

Miss Emish said...

Dear lord I missed a day and thought Papa Linski was PAUL and his MOM was calling him "Papa Bear." Shuddery blech!

Roy said...

Hal the painting is from Mama Bear's dark period, another similarity between the Linski's and Lu Ann.

Don't you think it of interest that among the Linskis the menfolk apparently use hair dye, but not the womenfolk, another problem for Lu Ann, who is quite attached to her hair being so perfectly blonde.