Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh, what a relief it is!

Whoa there, Rick! Keep your hands to yourself. You and Tommie can't date because you don't have the same exact hair color. However, he and Paul do go to the same stylist. Power outfit = blue blazer with a crisp white shirt, top button undone.

I guess we're excited that your poor vagabond aunt spent all that money on a fancy piano so that you could realize after two months that singing and performing is cutting in to saving children's lives?


mrvy said...

I think I'd be down in the dumps if someone told me I was on the back burner. That just sounds demoralizing. And yet, Tommie's relieved.

Maggie said...

Totally agree!

"Oh don't worry about your responsibilities, you're been demoted."


"And we're cutting your pay."

"That's a relief! I felt like I was just wasting your money!"