Monday, October 24, 2011

Boys on the Stoop

Our long national nightmare is over; we are done hearing about Lu Ann's wedding. For now. And hey, look, it's Rick, AKA Rick-E from the Boys on the Block! The last time we saw him was back in April, and I just assumed, as I do with all Z-list celebrities I haven't seen in a while, that he had scampered off to rehab or joined Dancing with the Stars or something. But no, he's just kicking around New York City, being disappointed in Tommie. Nice hair by the way.

Meanwhile, Margo is (I'm guessing) spray painting midgits and setting Bibles on fire over in Chelsea, and this is going completely unrecorded. I guess documentation is only of the many Rules her Art exhibition is Without.


Ken said...

I'm so glad we have an update on Tommie not living her dream in NYC. If you can't make it there, you're Tommie. It's like Anya not having anything but fabric when Tim comes for a visit. Chance of a glacial lifetime, Tommie has no songs and Anya has no draped dresses. Meh.

Maggie said...

I know, what is up, Anya! You are jacking it up, for yourself and for my Project Runway pool!