Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"Are you sure you want a career in song-writing, Tommie? Cause award-winning multi-millionaire producer Hobotramp Dan is getting a little impatient."
"I think I want to write songs, and yet--"
"Good enough for me! Gotta go, it's 5:00 somewhere."

For the record, Tommie, it's totally easy to write songs. I do it all the time, usually when driving or cooking. Check out this song I wrote last night, called "Makin' Spaghetti."

Ooh girl
I'm so hungry
Think it's time to do this thing
Gotta (bump bump) salt the water
Cause it's time, oh yeah,
Time to eat some food

Cook it up good, now, come on!
I should heat up some sauce too (yeah)
Now where'd I put that Prego (yeaahh)
Oh wait, it was growing mold and then I threw it ouuuut, ow

I mean, you put in the word "love" instead of "spaghetti" and that's R&B gold.


mrvy said...

I give up -- to what tune are we singing the Spaghetti song? Or is it a total original?

Carlye said...

Maggie, the Spaghetti song is as good or better than most rap out there...

mrvy said...

Oh, I never considered the possibility of rap. Guess I'm showing my age.