Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work/Life/Queen Bee Balance

At least one of us has her priorities straight: ZOMG, celebritiiiiiiies!!!!!!!!1! See you dopes later, I'll text you from the Boom Boom Room where I'll be sipping on Cristal with Queen Bee, Tiny Wayne, and London Tipton. Magee out!

I don't know who I side with on this one. It's entirely plausible Margo gave these girls zero notice and now expects them to just show up and wait on QB hand and foot, buuuuut.... if Queenie really is a celebrity on the level of Lady Gaga, I'd probably ditch work to hang out with her for a day, show her the cheapest places to buy a bottle of water, you know... hang.

Margo should've stipulated at least one rule of Art Without Rules: you have to show up.


Anonymous said...

Tommie and Lu Ann should realize Margo is doing this all for them. It's been their dream for like ever. I hope we jump another week and Margo is sitting in the gallery all alone rocking to and fro chanting "Serenity now...serenity now." Of course she'll be hooked on whatever designer drug Queen Bee got her into.

mrvy said...

OK, assisting in surgery trumps Queen Bee - saving lives is more important than kowtowing to a cultural icon. Wedding plans so Lu Ann can move to the Hoboken version of Hyannis Port- eh, not so much. Lu Ann should probably choose Queen Bee over Paul.