Monday, October 17, 2011

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Friday October 14, 2011
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Monday October 17, 2011

FIRST OF ALL, let me just say that I'm dismayed that we are still talking with Ruby about this whole wedding thing instead of watching Queen Bee smirk at her hoards of followers as the Mona Lisa. Queen Bee! The Mona Lisa! Done up! Jeez.

Second, I just remembered that Ruby is Lu Ann's wedding planner, so I guess this makes more sense. Buuut, Ruby, shouldn't you know about Lu Ann's crappy parents? Since you're, um, related to her?


Anonymous said...

Do you think Lu Ann's been told how many grandchildren the Linskis expect?

Ken said...

I just noticed the new banner. All done up like the Mona Lisa. Nice work Maggie, looks great.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Luann has been compared to a beautiful, vacant-headed collie. The strips about this wedding certainly reinforce that thought, don't they?