Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everything Is Lu Ann's Fault

Yup, that's what marriage is Ruby. Duh. I hope you have a dowry ready, too.

The increasing likelihood that Lu Ann is going to dump Paul is sad to me in an admittedly morbid sense. I was hoping they'd find new and exciting ways to do away with the men in A3G. Oh, unless Ruby intervenes somehow, because Lu Ann is too weak to ever really dump him. Actually, she'd make the perfect trophy wife. She could be all done up like the Mona Lisa and everything. Won't you just let these two crazy kids be, Ruby??


Anonymous said...

You don't remember Ruby with the ribbons?!? At least fake it Paul. I'm sure you've seen Lu Ann fake it.

phoebes in santa fe said...

Paul's never seen Luann "fake it".

Paul and Luann have never had sex. No one in Apt 3G or the neighboring apartments have ever had sex.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Phoebes, I guess I was reading between the lines during the whole bathtub and ice cream storyline.