Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Recap

Friday, October 28th

I want whatever drugs Margo got from Queen Bee. In the first panel, she is on cloud nine, walking up the street talking aloud, to herself about how happy she is. Then stupid Lu Ann walks right up to her and brings up what should be a sore subject, namely Lu Ann's lack of proper respect for and dedication to Art Without Rules, and Margo completely lets it slide/seems to have forgotten why she would have been so upset with Lu Ann.

Saturday, October 29th

Lu Ann, she's forgiven you, stop trying to goad her into attacking you. Just toss that salad and shut up! Can you watch it on the web? Does Apartment 3G even have a high speed internet connection? I bet they're working with dial up at best. Was Tommie just in that dark, adjacent room alone, drinking wine? "I'm so relieved that Hobo Dan has put me aside like a piece of discarded trash :::gulp::: I never wanted to be the star, the center of attention :::gulp gulp::: I just want to be Tommie the boring red headed nurse who isn't get married or a huge public relations success :::gulp gulp gulp::: Is this the only bottle of wine we have?"


Ken said...

Is A3G going to acknowledge Halloween?

Anonymous said...

Halloween is about dressing up as a stock character. Your outward appearance should be the simplest way to tell who your character is. You could, per say, dress up as a nurse, who wears her white scrubs at home as well. Just to add color, you might dye your hair red. Then you could go as the powerful career girl, with a bun, a blazer, and a no-nonsense black turtleneck. Or you could go as a manifestation of the dumb blonde, where your standout feature would be your long, blonde hair.
Now, why would A3G need to acknowledge Halloween?

Ken said...


Maggie said...

I love Tommie in Saturday's strip. She's like OH HEY GUYS!! What are we all talking about??! Who's thirsty?? We all like to drink, right?? A lot?? Who pregamed?? Just me?? WHOOOOOO