Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still Doing This!

False alarm, everybody! False alarm. No one interesting coming in to crash this boring party. Just Paul. Also, if you thought Lu Ann and Ruby would have any visible reaction to Even More Linski Control of the wedding plans, you'd be wrong. Although they seem to have slipped into sychronized catatonic states. Paul can still see you, you guys! It's too late to pretend you're not there!

Anyway, what is there left to plan at this point? Hasn't Mama L taken care of everything? Is Paul just swinging by to let them know, yes, he's called in a reservation at his parents' house, it's all booked, no one worry.


Ken said...

I'm sorry, I went back through the past strips to figure out where they are and I don't know where Lu Ann and Ruby ended up after being on the street. Where are they?

Who knocks and just walks in without a "Come in" or "Who is it"? I was willing to let this marriage proceed without intervention until we learn this tidbit about Paul. I need to speak now instead of forever holding my peace. That's a Deal Breaker!

mrvy said...

Lu Ann sure seems shocked and stunned to see her beloved, judging from the italicized words coming out of her wide open mouth.

Maggie said...

Ken, you're totally right! When did they get inside some kind of office/Ruby's apartment/3-G? Unless the crowds that I presumed were on the street downtown were actually clamoring in the waiting room of Ruby's bustling wedding planning biz.