Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mistakes Were Made

Okay everyone, I'm back! First of all, if you haven't read Megan's hilarious review of the past four days in A3G History, you should definitely check that out first.

On to today!

Oh my gosh, what a tease. First you say you've run a background check on Lu Ann, and then you report NONE OF THE FINDINGS?? For shame. I mean, what can it possibly say? "Reports indicate she totally hated her hair after her I Dressed in the Dark makeover."

..........I mean, I guess she KIND OF dated a junkie for a few years, but that was pretty on-again, off-again. And by "off-again" I mean "he died." Also, she got kidnapped by a ghost that one time? I can only hope that shows up in the background check.

Any takers on what Papa Linski's question is going to be? "Do you know what color Lu Ann's eyes are?" "Did you know Lu Ann's related to a underbridge-dwelling troll?" "Have you started saving for Paul Jr.'s college fund yet?" etc. etc.


Roy said...

She's at least 70+ years old and her first husband was shot down in Vietnam before you were born, Paul. And she doesn't age, in the old country we have a word for this.

Now that would all be pretty shocking to me.

mrvy said...

Roy raises an interesting point. A3G doesn't progress in real time, so how on earth would Mr. Powers's death be explained? Losing his life in Vietnam no longer makes sense.

My head hurts.

My word verification is "siveles," which could be a new word meaning "full-body bobble." We might see that from Paul once his father makes the big reveal.

Ken said...

There won't be a reveal. We didn't see Art Without Rules. We'll never know that one question.

But some good questions are:

Do these pants make me look fat?

Do you ever watch the clouds on a windy day?

Does this look infected?

Do I feel lucky?

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

Sugar Packet said...

"Did you know ghosts can contract STDs from pretty young ladies?"

Marge said...

Does Paul even know that Lu Ann has been married before? That might be quite a shock since Paul deserves the very best - meaning a virgin. And she's planning to wear that inappropriate white dress.

Malacylpse said...

"Does the carpet match the drapes, son?"

Roy said...

I hate to jump ahead to the next strip, but we have just made an immense leap forward in 3-G chronology. My entire life has taken 7 years in Apartment 3-G time. So by my calculations Margret Shulock has been writing the strip for one year of in-strip time.

Suddenly it is starting to feel like Gasoline Alley.