Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where's Maggie?

Another Tuesday, another four day recap.  If this happens again next weekend, I'm leaving it for Casey :)

Friday, June 1st

I think she's technically only Scott's publicist, as I doubt Nina would have signed on.  Margo's pretty sure that Nina hates her.  And Tommie believes that Nina can hear remote conversations from her undisclosed secluded location within the Blake home.

Saturday, June 2nd

"Haven't you read the word Margo?  The Holy Scripture of Midwifery by Olga Buttinski-Oldemaid?  The second commandment of midwifery, after followeth your pregnant woman hither and thither, is thou art like a priestess to both mother and fetii, keepeth both in confidence most close." 

Monday, June 4th

Margo is so cruel.  As if Tommie has anyone to tell gossip too.  You could at least let her whisper it to the elderly, unconscious patient she has to give a sponge bath to. 

Tuesday, June 5th

Mary Poppins did say a spoonful of sugar helps one swallow the uncomfortable truth of potential/almost adultery...or something.  I like how Scott is hiding this call from his father-in-law and not Nina.  He's probably right beneath Nina's window, which she opened because she was feeling stuffy in her father's panic room.  Scott's going to have more explaining to do.


Gerard said...

In the Saturday strip, you can see that what looked like a blue Taiwanese computer display is actually a laptop. A very big laptop. A very OLD laptop, from about 1988, when they weighed 15 lbs. Can you actually go on the Web with one of those?

Marge said...

Lawyers and all health providers have confidentiality as part of their ethical standards and it doesn't matter whether the client/patient can hear it.

Mike said...

Gerard, maybe that was actually a flatscreen monitor and the keyboard pushed up really close.

Ha -- just kidding. They didn't make those in the 50s or whenever the art from this strip is supposed to be from.

Ken said...

I like how Tommie changed into the very deep V just to have a conversation with Margo. It's a better look than all the haus frau collars. She's all buttoned up to go outside though.

"I wasn't expecting you." Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition. Caller ID helps you avoid those awkward pauses when you realize who is on the other end of the telegraph.

Obviously there is a flexible time stream in A3G-verse, but Nina is getting ripe. Do we start a baby pool?

kaney said...

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