Thursday, June 13, 2013

Having Fun

Wednesday, June 12

"I love that you never have any idea what anything means. Now come here and let me grab your ear, my precious..."

And no, Lu Ann, he didn't, but that's cute. Poor, clueless Lu Ann. Also, when he said he wanted to play doctor, he didn't mean to put on a white coat.

Thursday, June 13

It's been so long since we've seen Lu Ann contemplating her love life in the bath tub, making bedroom eyes at no one in particular. I didn't miss it, but I think this is what Bolle considers "spicing things up" so I'll give him a pass. Her neck is even uncovered in the second panel!

And really, the only negative you can think of is that you're in awe of his "position"? Oh, honey, let me add some items to that list, starting with yesterday's awkward and condescending ear tug...


mrvy said...

If by "sweet," she means insufferably condescending, then sure, he's sweet. Margo has both Lu Ann and Tommie thinking this treatment is what they deserve.

Allen said...

"Also, that white lab coat makes you look like someone who is actually intelligent. And that's what I love about it."

"Did he just say he loved my coat? Now we'll have to fight for his love! Take this you stupid coat!"

Ken said...


Ken said...

I figured it out!

Frank must be face blind. He doesn't recognize Lindsay's face.

Maggie said...

I feel like I have face blindness when I read this strip. At least they color code the girls. Also LOVE the return of the bubble bath, and that Lu Ann takes "You sure are cute when you're dumb!" as "I love you Lu Ann!"