Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm Back!

Hi everyone, it's Maggie! I'm back from getting married/my honeymoon. I was in Greece for two weeks! Really! Here's a picture of my and my newly minted husband in Santorini to prove it:

A big thanks to Megan and Casey who pulled double duty in my absence, and pulled it off despite some pretty bland material (except for the Lu Ann bubble bath of course--that, as always, was totally steamy). So let's see what kind of action I'm jumping into!

Uh. Lots of finger-pointing. I'm surprised Marty is having this "he's not sick, I just make him lunch sometimes" reaction, but she's probably picking up cues from her dad, who doesn't want to seem weak in front of his little angel. You know, because they're close. But only because mom is out of the picture. Otherwise they'd be as distant as the moons of Jupiter!

Incidentally, if this kiddie-pool-shallow introduction to PTSD has piqued anyone's interest, I recently read a great/tragic case study of decorated Iraq war veteran Chris Kyle in the New Yorker. I mention it because 1. I learned a lot 2. I never get through articles that long unless I'm on vacation.


Mike said...

Congratulations! I'd say you make a beautiful couple, but Apartment 3-G has skewed my perception so much I don't know what that means if a ruffled blouse or an ascot isn't involved.

But seriously, that Chris Kyle article is amazing and was pretty much my biggest exposure to Iraq war PTSD. Because of it, I can't imagine an "issue" I'd rather see this strip tackle in its unique way less. Not that I don't appreciate the effort, but I'm pretty sure we'll get a more realistic interpretation of what it means to be in the James Bond franchise than we will from this new wrinkle in the storyline.

How it will relate to the 'romance' with the 'governor of New York' is rather interesting. The idea of a Luanne love triangle boggles the mind.

Maggie said...

Mike: glad you enjoyed the article too. I agree that this is an issue that is prrrrobably too nuanced for a comic strip (never mind 3G), but.... I guess the intentions are honorable? A3G is best when it sticks to broader issues though. (e.g. drugs = BAD, raincoat-wearing arsonists = BAD)

Maybe the Lu Ann-Gov Trog-Cole triangle will be less romantic and more... legislative?

mrvy said...

Congratulations! May you have many happy years together! Mr. Maggie looks like a peach of a guy who will not insist you get made over by a renowned stylist before the next major social event.

Yes, the triangle will be legislative: Gov Trog will legislate better, and well-deserved, benefits for vets suffering with PTSD. Cole will be grateful. Marty will be happy. Lu Ann will still be single.

Megan said...

Mags!!!! Welcome back!!! I've missed you so much, this has been a pretty rough set of strips.

McClure said...

Welcome back, Mags! Love the picture - you guys look great!!

And it's entirely possible/completely likely that my husband will try to steal that shirt from yours. :)

Casey said...

Yay Maggie's back!! I agree with Megan haha. Whew.

Jenny said...

I was just in Santorini! Beautiful, isn't it? Glad you had fun