Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Recap

Monday, June 17th

I saw the strips for today and yesterday, and I seriously considered just not posting about them, mostly to see if Casey would be like "*?!* this, I'm not recapping four days" and leave Maggie to return from her honeymoon to six or so strips of slowly plotted Marty back story.  I just couldn't be that cruel.  We miss you Mags!

Am I the only one interpreting the first panel as Marty saying the only reason she's on time is because her dad couldn't come?  Way to throw him under the bus...he's clearly going through some things!

Tuesday, June 18th

A talented artist?  She's a twelve year old girl who draws squiggles.  When I was twelve I was pretty awesome at drawing bubble letters and alien heads, but no one decided that was worth precious gallery space.

I love that any exposition with Lu Ann involved always has the feeling of an adult talking to a muppet on Sesame Street. 

Denise: "Lu Ann, when there are three people that live in a house and one of the people leaves, how many people are left?" 
Lu Ann: "Two?!"
Denise: "That's right!  And how do you think the people still living in the house feel about one another?"
Lu Ann: "They must be best friends because they are the only people left and they wouldn't want to get lonely and make the house feel sad..."
Denise: "You're such a smart girl!"

In this analogy, Lu Ann is most definitely Prairie Dawn.


Casey said...

Ha! I'm glad you were the one to recap this because you just cracked me up. Yay consuming instead of producing!

NonnyMus said...

NOT fair! Prairie Dawn is smart!

Maggie said...

Was Prairie Dawn smart? I dunno, I was always just waiting for Grover to come on. Maybe Lu Ann can be Forgetful Jones.