Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Recap

Friday, June 21st

Cole was supposed to be scary?  I thought he came off as weird and off-putting.  Which is how one could describe pretty much any A3G "emotions."

Saturday, June 22nd 

Wow, Lu Ann actually knew something!  Or at least what the acronym for something stands for.  She might have difficulty wrapping her head around the concept of traumatic stress. 


Maggie said...

Uh yeah, I definitely took his "scary side" to be more disjointed and and disconnected from reality, which is sad but not in and of itself frightening! Also I literally had to go back and find the one "scary" strip because it wasn't that memorable.

Ken said...

If you want scary, check out the Sunday recap. There was a different interpretation of Marty's feelings.