Thursday, June 20, 2013

Make Love, Not War

Wednesday, June 19

Lu Ann's "deep thinking" face in panel one and her excessively sad expression in panel two really do make me think of Megan's Sesame Street analogy. "But Miss, I don't get it - who likes war?"

Denise, she thinks that because it's sort of what you said. Five tours of duty in Iraq and he loved his job.... I mean, this is Lu Ann you're speaking to, she's going to think whatever the most obvious and literal meaning of your words is.

Thursday, June 20

Geesh, I know. Those tour groups are so expensive these days. And what do you get? A quick tour of Saddam's palace, a little falafel and a tour guide who doesn't even speak English.... sheesh. Who would do five of those tours? I won't judge him, but he should get his money back.

Oh... not that kind of tour?

[With all due respect to current and former members of the military.]


Barking Monkey said...

As I coincidentally learned today (still working my way through the archive) HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUANN. (See the June 20, 2011 strip.)

This is all so educational - I never heard of "Prairie Dawn" before yesterday. It prompted me to go to Youtube and watch a clip of her mindf'ing cookie monster - never toy with an addiction PD, he'll cut you!

Maggie said...

Ugh, Lu Ann is so embarrassing.