Monday, June 10, 2013

Wasteful Spending

Sorry for the delay in posting, but we were all so busy with Maggie's wedding!  The bride was beautiful and is now off on a wonderful honeymoon with her new husband.  And you're stuck with Casey and I for a while.

Friday, June 7th

Does the governor of New York really have nothing better to do than lurk outside of random women's apartments and wait for them to come home?  That seems like a real waste of the taxpayer's dollar. Watch out Governor Trog, it looks like the walls are leeching onto your suit.

Sunday, June 8th

Me too Lu Ann!  And not just in the dark that's slowly creeping up behind you and next to you in panel one and two.  Do you think Governor Trog/the taxpayers are paying for Lu Ann to get a fancy NYC makeover?  I think we've been down this road before.


NonnyMus said...

It's telling that Peter has blue dandruff... that species only infects jerks!

J.R. Clark said...

Viet Cong Guellirra Readal ask: "Why govenol of New Yolk supposed to rive in Arbany but spend arr his time chasing bronde in New Yolk Chity?"

Maggie said...

I def though Zooey Ziggler was going to be some kind of squiggle artist... Ziggler the squiggler.