Monday, June 15, 2015


What I'm conflicted about: whether it's morally permissible to satirize a comic strip where the pacing of the plot struggles to keep pace with a 90-year-old's drawings. (91 next week, happy birthday Frank! Who loves ya, baby!)

Seriously though, is Lu Ann supposed to be hung up on this bald guy she had two previous interactions with? And is he still in the hopartment or what? Did he go out the fire escape? Is he going to crawl out from under the shag carpeting once Tommie leaves?


fauxprof said...

Perhaps we should ease up on the snark about the artwork. If the syndicate chooses to keep Frank on, well, good on 'em. Shulock is fair game, though. Her writing has no continuity, no pacing, and no logical sense. She's not even phoning it in!

Sugar Packet said...

She may be faxing it in? Or telegraphing it in with Morse code. That may account for some of the lack of continuity.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I think it's totally believable that Lu Ann is hung up on that "smug creature" who "pushes all her buttons." I think he's dreamy, too! **sigh**

I'm glad that A3G appears day after day. It always gives me a good laugh or at least a chuckle, and on some days, you really need one!

Love and kisses, and happy birthday!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Wow! Talk about bait and switch! I just reread all of Lu Ann's and Tommie's interactions (which have been going on for two weeks, believe it or not) and it really seemed like Lu Ann was talking about the dreamy Mike Downey, but really, all she was talking about was the gallery. What a build-up for such a let-down! Argh!

Carlye said...

Wow! In the middle of this conversation, Tommie had time to run out and get a haircut. Either that, or she cut it herself. It looks like it.