Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Something Planned

Tuesday June 23, 2015

Wednesday June 24, 2015
Tommie's getting emotional. I think she's probably had this exact conversation before with Lily. Hint: it ended with Lily running into the woods and not going back to school for nursing.

Seriously, where are we going with this? Theories, in order of likeliness:

  1. Lu Ann escapes to SOUTH DAKOTA!! to spend more time with her intolerable family and that Cody fellow
  2. Lu Ann leaves but comes right back after an interlude of living on the streets/hooking/meeting a bum with a heart of gold
  3. Lu Ann actually does leave, as part of a long, orchestrated goodbye to the strip, which will be retired at the end of the year
  4. Lu Ann was deemed to be too similar to Tommie, so she gets replaced with a new ethnically diverse roommate: Keisha from the Magic Attic Club!
Whaddya think?


fauxprof said...

Quite seriously, I'm opting for number three. Poor Frank can barely draw any more, and Shulock has obviously lost interest in writing the thing. Looks like we could be headed for cancellation or a total revamp.

Downpuppy said...

I go with 5 : Nothing Happens. They talk for a while longer, we flip back to Margo, Martin & Gabby have the same fight for a 3rd time, & TaDa! It's 2016 and LuAnn has forgotten she ever meant to leave.

76VDubber said...

I'm with fauxprof. Even though the whole Tommie-takes-Lily-to-Happiness-Falls story line dragged on and on, at least it actually moved. I feel like we're stuck in a Twilight Zone of several intertwined, occasionally contradictory, go-nowhere story lines now. I can't see any possible conclusion to this whole mess other than an ending of the strip. Here's my prediction: Lu Ann will return to Minnesota and assume a life of turtle necks, tuna hot dish, and jello. Tommie will find a handsome physician at Manhattan General and assume a duel carrier family life. Margo will have a full-blown mental break down and end up at institutionalized upstate. The Professor will retire and move to a Greek island. Lu Ann's parents will elope. Mike the hotel guy (concierge?) will not appear again. End of strip.

Carlye said...

@76VDubber - It wasn't Minnesota, it was one of the Dakotas. There's a big difference! Minnesota has more than one kind of hot dish, for starters.

Turtlenecks4All said...

I'm with fauxprof, too. A gentle spin down would be very nice, followed, perhaps by a reboot with modern characters (read: contemporary haircuts, real jobs, and NO turtlenecks), a new artists who remembers from day-to-day what people are wearing and doing, and plot lines that actually resemble some aspect of reality. Face it, Mark Trail looks like Sir Richard Attenborough compared to these dames and their travails.

A fresh start...fingers crossed.

Barking Monkey said...

Predictions, eh?
What I want to happen:
Luann settles into her glamorous new career as a crackwhore squatting in an abandoned building on the edge of town while a rotating cast of ‘third roomates’ from other newspaper strips appear in 3G, starting with Loweezy from Snuffy Smith, followed by Haagar, etc. (I confess some of the appeal here is seeing Frank throw turtlenecks on these characters, though Dick Tracy might go with the peasant collar blouse.)

What I expect will happen:
Margo’s increasingly antagonistic behavior will reach some sort of crisis point and Luann will decide to stick around because Margo needs her calming presence.

I'd take the opposite tack from T4A with respect to a revamp: I've often thought the strip would be more interesting returning to its roots and just set itself in the late 50s/early 60s, ala 'Madmen'. (Intentionally and consistently rather than with accidental throwback artwork.)

fauxprof said...

Carlye, you're right. I love Minnesota, and have had some wonderful food there from Minneapolis/St. Paul all the way to Bemidji. Although I was once served a turnip and cheese hot dish that was very bad, sort of the culinary equivalent of A3G.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

"Hooking"?!?!? Really? In A3G-Land? I expect nothing will be resolved. Remember that dreamy Evan Graham who bombed the apartment building and it burned down, and the strip never really dealt with the motivation or aftermath? I think we'll never see "that smug creature" (a.k.a. the dreamy Mike Downey) pushing all of Lu Ann's buttons again, either. And to think that Lu Ann could have been the first lady of New York state, married to the governor who took her out in his car for fast food as a date!

My prediction: Nothing will be resolved. "Conversation" will continue for months. A new "plot" will just start up again in January. And we'll all be reading it, commenting away! Yay!

Obtuse said...

It's a shame Shulock doesn't read all the great comments and possible storylines from our hosts and all the commenters who make this blog a hoot to read! If she took inspiration from us, 3-G would become the greatest soap strip of our era! I have a feeling we are seeing the end of the strip, but I hope not!

Barking Monkey said...

@DWET; I went with Crackwhore since I'm not convinced her jam making skills are sufficiently transferable to allow her to cook meth for the Hells Angels. And I'm not sure professional jam making is a thing. (Though it should be, 'cuz, JAM!)