Friday, June 26, 2015


Thursday June 25, 2015
 Friday June 26, 2015
Okay, so a little more exposition on Lu Ann's future plans: she will NOT be staying in New York, which overturns the theory that she will bum around/hook/live in squalor until Margo takes her back. Barking Monkey's theory that Margo will have a complete breakdown and Lu Ann will stay to help her through the tough times makes the most sense to me, which doesn't mean it will happen, but at least it would create a tidy (if impermanent) reason why Lu Ann can't leave the apartment, no one can leave the apartment, no one can ever ever leave.

Meanwhile, doesn't Tommie look DEVASTATED by this news? She's already thinking about setting up a home gym in Lu Ann's room, I guarantee it.


Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Maybe the real reason Lu Ann is moving out is because she's sick of looking at (and smelling and stepping on) all the dried-up deer poop that Tommie never cleaned up from when Lily was in the apartment, and she (Lu Ann) is just too polite to mention it.

Also, when Tommie says she's been through worse, I bet she's thinking of Carol Collins!

fauxprof said...

Oooh, the veiled threat of having to talk to Margo. LuAnn may change her mind just to avoid that conversation, especially with Margo going psycho all over everyone except Thelma the Diner Waitress. (Thelma has my vote as the most grounded and sensible character in this whole misguided mess of a plot,)

Barking Monkey said...

If Luann is tired of NYC, perhaps Tommie can recommend another, more idyllic setting. A magical place where colts trample cars like tinfoil, veterinarian’s dead wives roam freely across the land doling out closure like after-dinner mints and everyone in town knows what wild animals you’re transporting. But Luann will probably just boringly run off to whatever upstate burg Cole and Marty are ensconced in, Cole by this time having exhausted the entire gamut of diseases known to western medicine and now suffering from exotic new ones like “super-transdimensional carbuncles”, “intestinal Siamese razor-worm infestation” or “methicillin resistant multiple stab wounds”.

Sugar Packet said...

The secret messages this week are on point. Those pink lampshades! We haven't had a style statement like that since I Dressed in the Dark!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Lu Ann says it's a big world out there, and she wants to see it all. First stop: Happiness Falls! (Lily needs a visit, and Carol Collins needs some material to snark about.)