Wednesday, July 1, 2015


CHARITY???! Lu Ann, you fool! Don't you know that's one of Margo's trigger words?? I think we can all expect Kill Bill levels of violence to break out at this point. That, OR, more yelling and crying?


Downpuppy said...

I think turning LuAnn's room into a homeless shelter is a grand idea.

Kibo said...

Maybe the reason today's strip uses the non-word "ARARTMENT" is to set up some riff on The Pirate Joke that'll take six months to tell.

You know the one.

Pirate walks into a bar, bartender says, "Okay, you've got a black tricorner hat, that's a pirate hat. You've got an eyepatch, that's a pirate eyepatch. There's a parrot on your shoulder, that's a pirate parrot. The striped shirt, that's a pirate shirt, and the tattered leather vest, that's a pirate vest. You've got a big pointy cutlass, that's a pirate sword. And you have a peg leg, that's a pirate leg. So I assume you are a pirate. But... one question... why is there a steering wheel attached to your crotch?"


So, around Christmas, expect Lu Ann to shout some lame pun-like thing involving the phrase "ARRRR, ARTMENT!" Sure, it may seem terribly unfunny now, but after six months of buildup it'll be hilarious. That much buildup? That's pirate joke buildup!

fauxprof said...

In one of the oldest soap opera tropes, Margo will be diagnosed with a brain tumor, benign and operable of course.

Either that, or she's just a mean, nasty excuse for a human being.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

@fauxprof: The brain tumor theory make a lot of sense. Then, this "plot" would make more sense, too. Isn't it too much of a good thing, though? ("good" in a soapy sense) We just recently (2013?) had Lu Ann's love interest Cole with a brain tumor, didn't we?

Maybe Margo is so grumpy because her turtleneck plus blazer (or cardigan?) are making her really hot in New York in July!

OR: Maybe the strip is coming to an end (Argh!), and Lu Ann will leave NYC, and Margo will die of a brain tumor. What will happen to Tommie? Will she realize that she misses Lily the baby deer (and Carol Collins's snarkiness) and return to Happiness Falls?

Maggie said...

Good thoughts today, everyone, and Kibo, especially good catch with "ARARTMENT.", it took all my brain power to misspell that and not correct myself automatically.

We did have Cole the brain tumor recently, and Bobbie "the bobble" Merrill and all her bipolarism, but I can't really see whatever Margo's problem getting resolved by one good cry at this point. She's not genetically related to Bobbie, but maybe all this is rooted in being raised by her?