Monday, July 6, 2015

Drive Me Nuts

Aw man. I thought that this crazy hat-wearing dude was Greg Cooper, in costume for some indie film being shot in NYC, and that Margo didn't recognize him because it COULDN'T be Greg, it just couldn't! But now that she's actually bumped into Greg and knows he's in the city, it's really unlikely she wouldn't be able to see through the old baking-soda-in-the-hair trick.

My second guess was that it would be Eric Mills (of "The Mills Gallery" fame), back from the dead after that avalanche in Tibet because, ha ha ha, no one in soap operas actually dies in avalanches, they just need some time to dig themselves out! But it's pretty unlikely that Margo wouldn't recognize her former fiance whose name she was mumbling in her sleep not too long ago. Unless his injuries from the avalanche required extensive reconstructive surgery?? Avalanches can do that, right?

Special shout out to Kibo in the comments for predicting drive me nuts.


fauxprof said...

A comment I should have made on the previous strip: what woman in Manhattan in 2015 would wear a 1950's style high school girl's babushka? In summer? And don't tell me it's a hijab. Many of my students have worn hijabs over the years, and most have been lovely fashion statements as well as religious wear. A babushka? Seriously?

Kibo said...

Apparently I know exactly how Margo thinks... and that makes me sad.

If Margo's brain has now deteriorated to the point where she speaks entirely in the punchlines to ancient bawdy jokes, next she'll yell "WELL, IT WOULDN'T HURT!"

(Yadda yadda yadda at the theater, actor collapses, another actor yells "Is there a doctor in the house?", woman in the back yells "Give that man an enema!", yadda yadda yadda doctor pulls a sheet over him. "Give that man an enema!" "Lady, this man is dead! An enema won't help!" "WELL, IT WOULDN'T HURT!")



Barking Monkey said...

So now I’m thinking that the Anderson Cooper clone is a mental construct Margo’s decaying mind has produced as a bridge back to sanity. But, in typical Margo fashion, rather than accept his assistance she’s seized the blazer he was wearing in Sunday’s strip for herself. WHO HAS THE COLLARED BLAZER NOW, ANDERSON COOPER CLONE!?!

This whole story is capital 'W' Wonderful. I hope Frank is still drawing it when he's 150.

Kibo said...

Okay, I have a new coping strategy for getting through this crisis of dramatic torpitude.

By squinting, I'm able to pretend that the bright-colored boxy buildings in the background are the little model town from "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood". And the silver-haired non-threatening man is Fred Rogers and he's telling us everything will be okay all the time everywhere through the universe except for that one time one of his goldfish died and he tried pouring salt on it to revive it but that didn't work so he buried it under a large wooden pentagon.

Anyway, either everything is going to work out just fine and Mr. Rogers will help all five people who live in Manhattan be good neighbors and learn about their feelings, and then they'll put on a little opera... or Margo will die and be buried under a large wooden pentagon. In any case, I am making the big tall wish for Mr. Roger to fix this strip.

Kibo said...

I meant to type "Mr. Rogers", not "Mr. Roger", but if the silver-haired man is named Mr. Roger he can still help us through this period of uncertainty, as long as he's neighborly and caring and has a pocketful of hand puppets.

True Standish said...

"Heck to the no!" indeed! Who IS this ghost-dude?

Kibo said...

My new theory, which is mine:

Back in 2009, the beloved Taser Lady (aka Mrs. Bloom) appeared. She had yellow hair, then she had tan hair, then she had white hair, then suddenly in 2012 this new "Greg Cooper" guy (with black hair) was living in her apartment (3-J) and he said Mrs. Bloom had departed offscreen and Margo was instantly smitten with him (to the extent of speaking in babytalk, "HOLY WHAT-THE-HECK"!)

Taser Lady's degeneration

Then, in January 2015, she bumped into a mysterious black-haired stranger (wearing a fedora) on the streetcorner. Then in February, she encountered him again. In April, she met him a third time, but now his hair was white. This is her fourth encounter with him, and I'm not sure whether or not his hair has gotten whiter, since everything about all these people is really white.

the Mysterious Stranger's degeneration

So, in conclusion, Taser Lady aka Greg is a shape-shifting being who can only hold each physical form for three years, during which time their body rapidly deteriorates and their hair turns white. Taser Lady lived from 2009 through 2012, then turned into Greg from 2012 to 2015. His time is now up, so he is about to glow and regenerate into a new form. The three-year lifespan of the "Greg" body is bookended by Margo yelling "HOLY WHAT-THE HECK!" at his birth and "HECK TO THE NO!" as he is losing the last vestiges of his molecular cohesion.

What form will the immortal Taser Lady / Greg now assume? Probably a lamp, because that's one of the only three things Frank Bolle can still remember how to draw.

Kibo said...

Also, now that I have proven that Taser Lady, Greg, and the Mysterious Stranger are all the same person... what other characters in the strip were also the same as them? Was there a 2006-2009 form, and a 2003-2006 form? Was Taser Lady once known as "Leonardo da Vinci"? I'd research that, but I'm afraid that if I knew the answer it would turn me stupid.