Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Where is Margo?

Wait, we've gone from the apartment to outside to the M+M Agency, with no assist from a narration box? And how does Lu Ann know about Greg being in town? Did Margo vent about their encounter in some kind of stream of consciousness swear-laden monologue in the apartment?

Man, I give up trying to force logic onto this. I'm just going to sit around the office pinching my chin like Lu Ann.


fauxprof said...

Oh, great, after a few days of mostly cogent dialogue that actually advanced the story a fraction of an inch, we're back to the surreal dreamscape. Although Lu Ann is more suited to a surreal dreamscape than Margo.

molly said...

Make sure you pinch it dreamily!

J Willard Williams said...

I love the way their clothes change colors automatically

Barking Monkey said...

Where is Margo? Let's consider the options:

1. At the diner chowing down on a bowl of homogenized 'dinner' washed down with a big tumbler of diner-brand whiskey.
2. Conducting a job fair to replace the staff of the entire agency, but sabotaging it by sneering at every applicant.*
3. Standing over Diane Devine's body frantically trying to get her 'cleaner' on the phone to dispose of the body.
4. Having a moment of clarity, she's checking herself into a mental health facility.
5. Wandering the streets of Manhattan in a fugue state.
6. On the roof of their building, peering down at the street below through the scope of a sniper rifle.

*"Wanted: Advertising Agency seeks low-self esteem personnel. Duties include light office work, groveling, uncompensated event planning. No experience in advertising or PR required."

Maggie said...

Barking Monkey: anything but 5!