Sunday, July 5, 2015

Breath of Stale Air

Margo thrives in low oxygen environments like the high altitude apex predator that she is.  Is this supposed to be the random silver fox sphinx in tan suit that Margo thought she knew in February and then later in April?!?!  How is this series of interminable, unrelated vignettes even qualifying as a storyline?


Kibo said...

The time loop is still contracting. Wesley Crusher's science experiment created this static warp bubble, in which the Universe has shrunk to one room and one streetcorner, and several bodiless heads are having the same conversation over and over, but sadly not faster and faster.


Seriously, this needs to end before the time loop shrivels up to a singularity where Margo will marry herself and then give birth to herself like in Heinlein's "All You Zombies". Help us, Wesley Crusher, you're our only hope.

fauxprof said...

No chance, Kibo. Wesley Crusher lost all his mojo while hanging out with Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon might be able to help, but he may be too cool for A3G. Nothing can save us from random street corners with metaphysical Anderson Cooper clones.