Thursday, July 23, 2015

End of the Line

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Thursday, July 23

First of all, gross. Those are your parents, Margo!

Secondly, really, so it's just that easy? I was really hoping for some mob-like behavior and/or wacky spy capers, but I suppose it's about that time in the A3G story line cycle. Keep all of the boring and repetitive crap going waaaaaaayyy too long, and then avoid any kind of satisfying ending, being sure to keep any remotely exciting scenes off-panel. 

Well, on to adventures in real estate with Lu Ann now, I suppose. No need for any explanation about the weeks of insanity we've been subjected to. 


Toots McGee said...

All your turtleneck are belong to us!!

Anonymous said...

We still have two days in which one or more of the mystery men from the street can burst into Gabby's single family home and demand she have her wedding at Stonewell!

I know it won't happen, but it would be more interesting than what we're likely to get.

Barking Monkey said...

1. Maybe I'm thick, but can someone explain Diane's angle on this? How does she profit from Stonewell making money - is she getting kickbacks or something? Was this detailed in a strip I missed at some point?
2. I look forward to the hardcore Gabby on Martin sex scene we're sure to get now. I bet Martin's into some really weird bedroom shit, too. With Jam and stuff.

Obtuse said...

Monday' strip:
Panel one: dialog box says "Two months later..." On a NYC street corner, Luann to Tommie--"Well that was the most beautiful wedding I ever saw!"
Panel two: Satanding in the hotel lobby, Tommie to Luann--"I wonder whatever happened to Diane Devine? Authorities still haven't a clue since finding her blood soaked abandoned car."
Panel three: In Apt. 3-G, Luann--"They think it could be the first of a string of murders by the mysterious "Raven", NYC's latest serial killer. They think the Raven is a woman!" Tommie--"Is it me or does it smell really weird in here?"

molly said...

@Barking Monkey
1. My guess is that Diane has kindly offered to handle all of the finances, so Gabby can write her a big, fat check for all of it. So Stonewell usually costs $50K, but Diane has padded the bill by $200K. No one will ever notice...

2. At first I was wincing at this thought, but then I realized we'd never see anything below the waistline. Phew! Just Lampy exclaiming "Oh, my!" and clutching pearls.

Barking Monkey said...

@ molly: <> Especially since you KNOW Gabriella would be wearing her turtleneck the whole time. A bit of a shame since considering how faces and hands are rendered I'd be curious to see the mangling other body parts would take. Who knows what sort of abomination against nature Martin has down there - especially when covered with jam!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the art kind of... amateurish? I don't recall it being that bad back in my day?