Friday, July 17, 2015

The Biggest Rip-Off of All

Wednesday July 15, 2015

Thursday July 16, 2015

Friday July 17, 2015
The biggest rip-off of all...... is easy to achieeeeeeeve... learning to love your rip-off, is the biggest rip-off, of all.

Sorry, I have to do that every time, I guess.

So Margo is BACK, everyone. I guess she just needed a receptive target for her sass, and who better than her old superstitious immigrant mother, who is so susceptible to outside influence that she's literally afraid a psychic might cast a spell on her. Like Diane Devine is a wizard or a cursed monkey's paw or something. (That's just how she was brought up, okay guys?)

I'm thinking that rescuing her mother from a flimflamming shyster is just the ego boost Margo needs to deny her past sociopathic behavior and eschew professional help! Eh, guys? Ehhh??


Anonymous said...

Who talks like this?! Who argues with strangers in the streets of NYC for that matter?!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

A coherent conversation! Unbelievable. Is this "Mary Worth"? I'm diggin' it!