Monday, July 7, 2014

The Joy of Motherhood is the Greatest Joy of All

Thursday July 3, 2014
Friday July 4, 2014
Monday July 7, 2014
The greatest joy of alllllllllll.... is easy to achieeeeve.... learning to love your deer, is the greatest joy of all.

Oh boy you guys! Something HILARIOUS is about to happen! There is going to be a hilarious denouement here  involving Lily, which is a bonus since we haven't seen Lily since she was forced to hug a horse. How long can this hilarious series of misunderstandings go on? Weeks, I hope!!


TimP said...

I'll just go ahead and submit the comment I left on the CC site and leave it at that:

molly said...

Weeks and months will go by as this storyline continues. We will age for what seems like hundreds of years, but Lily will not age at all.

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

You didn't mention the Sunday recap, which didn't have the baby bottle but did have Tina asking Tommie about her baby upon first meeting Tommie! Plus green drapes!

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting milk for baby!
Look at banner, Carol!

Barking Monkey said...

So what are the odds Tina's next line is "Fawns are weaned at TWO MONTHS! Why are you still bottle feeding her - that's like breastfeeding a three year old human infant!" (Yes, I'm ashamed to admit this comic made me look up what age fawns are weaned at.)

James in ND said...

The look of joy on Carols face in Thursdays panel is hilarious. It is as if she has bren waiting months -- no, years! -- for Tina to be duped by something. And here it is!

molly said...

I understand your efforts, Barking Monkey. Imagine my sadness when I finally looked up this fawn bleating BS and found out that they do, in fact, bleat. I was not only sad that A3G was right and I was wrong, but also sad that I cared enough to research it.