Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Dreaded Sickness

Smart, Ellen. I'm pretty sure Jack would have told her to work through her sickness, regardless of whatever said mysterious sickness was. Better to lay low and avoid mucking horse manure for a little while.


TimP said...

"She didn't tell her doctor, her family, her friends, her adopted fawn, etc. She didn't even tell me! I'm mostly just speculating that's what happened is what I'm saying here, Tommie."

Anonymous said...

Right on ! Last of all Jack. That scotch drinking, crazy binge horse riding, ghost chasing, masochistic... veterinarian.... doctor.....old friend .....bulk of a man......whoo hoo! I think I need another Margorita!!

Anonymous said...

Ya another round of Margoritas! This guy just gets better and better!