Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mares and Margaritas

Ugh, why won't this end!   Instead, we get to sit through a week of Tommie and Carol loosening their collars/lowering their turtlenecks to kick back and have only one margarita.  Which will probably be drunk out of an old-timey looking can.  It will be like a rural, prudish Sex and the City.


Toots McGee said...

You can't have just one, Tommie!

I'm not saying this because I already know you're gonna beg for another one. I'm saying it because you cannot have just one, because Carol aka Spirit Gum Lu Ann has a margarita maker in her car (everyone in town knows about it) with a four quart capacity and you are going to drink your share, Tommie.

Sugar Packet said...

Toots: Man, there is nothing in this town you can keep in your backseat without Tina finding out about it!