Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Five Glorious Years

Who among us is not delighted by Tommie's look of squinty suspicion in the second panel? This is the stuff of meme generators... which I will be creating shortly after work today, modelled on the fantastic Futurama meme below.

So think of Tommie's deepest most poignant suspicions and I'll pop them into the meme generator later today.


Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Tommie's deepest fear is that, if Carol Collins and Lu Ann Powers ever meet, the A3G space-time continuum will implode (since Carol and Lu Ann are clones and seem to exist only in parallel universes).

Her next worst fear is that she will have to spend the rest of the week sipping delicious margaritas but having to listen to Carol Collins drone on and on about the inadequacies of Tina Grant and Ellen Riley.

Barking Monkey said...

I love it when the bloggers give us games to play!

Not sure if Carol/ or LuAnn? (okay that one was obvious.)
Not sure if a fawn/ or a dingo? (yeah, that one too.)
Is it my own hand/ or a novelty backscratcher?,
Is my haircut Prince Valiant/ Or He-Man?

Anonymous said...

I think Lu Ann/Carol is growing a mustache.

molly said...

Not sure if Jack is here... or married.
Not sure if drinking margaritas feels good... or great.
Not sure if you're on my right side... or my left.
Not sure if that smell is manure... or my turtleneck.

Maggie said...

omg I love these so much. I had a little trouble with the meme generator, but I think I've got it licked. I'll post tonight!