Friday, July 11, 2014

Bye-Bye, Tina

Well! This payoff was certainly worth it. We got to see Lily again, who looks maybe more like a husky than a dingo at this point and we got to see Carol explode into PEELS of laughter (aka looking blissed out and staring at the ground) and plus Tina almost cursed! Totally worth it.

So I guess we've taken this plotline as far as it will go! Time to check up on Margo and/or young Lu Ann.


TimP said...

So, Tina, huh? I mean, she is one well rounded fully developed character that we just spent a week and a half on.

Go back to the commentary from June 18th and the question was asked if one strip would be the whole interaction with Tina. Well, clearly not. Is there a chance we're going to see her again?

I ask because, at this point, she's considerably more intriguing than old LuAnn and Tommie, if only for the fact that other than being an alleged gossip and having a nearly potty mouth, we know nothing about her or her motives.

fauxprof said...

Lily seems to be the rare albino deer. Will she have the same spiritual significance to Happiness Falls as the white buffalo calf has to the Lakota Sioux?

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

Having suffered from the weird and wacky thing Mags Shulock calls plots, I'm pretty sure we're in for months of Tommie, Carol and Tommie's dog.

Think about it,

- Tommie and Carol are now bonded and do girl talky things.
- Jack comes back and Tommie and Carol fight over him.
-Jack never comes back and Tommie suddenly is promoted from uncertified Veterinary Assistant to uncertified Veterinarian!