Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slow Day at the Farm

But we, the loyal readers and writers of this blog have better things to do.  I mean I can't wait to find out what shocking revelations await us from Carol's life story.  Secret debilitating illness?  Drugs? Buying a lifetime supply of three button blouses?

Over under on when this storyline wraps up?  My guess is 9/10/14.


Maggie said...

When I read today's strip--and I couldn't bear to do it until about 5:30 this afternoon--I actually screamed, out loud, by myself: "oh, noooo! NoooOOOOOOOooo!" I guess it was more of a loud whine, actually.

I think it's gotta be wrapping up. September 22nd. Super abrupt ending after weeks talking.

Maggie said...

P.S. your secret message today could totally just take care of the rest of the week of strips.

Barking Monkey said...

I'm guessing Tommie's thinking "It's a slow day, but talking to Carol will seem like work, so let's go there." I'm expect this story runs til Thanksgiving, and if it keeps us from another interminable LuAnn arc it can run forever!

Anonymous said...

Carol is going to tell us how her childhood dream was to become a comic strip artist and create serial strip about her hometown in upstate New York. She couldn't find anyone to pick up "Happiness Fails", so she eventually took a job writing for A3G, with a secret plan to move it out of Manhattan and into her backyard.