Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Calling All Voters! is having trouble uploading images right now, and there's not really much to say about today's comic (except that the evidence just keeps piling up about how callous Lu Ann's family is).

I added these images once blogger started cooperating again...Instead I'd like to promote my boyfriend Zack, whose design made the finals in the Design It: Shelter Competition sponsered by the Guggenheim and Google Earth! He's one of ten finalists chosen from 600 entries, so I'm really proud of him! (I was proud of him anyway, though)

And guess what? You can help him win the People's Prize by voting for his design! And when I say, "You can" I mean "Will you, please please please?"

Some of the transformative options from ZBOX.Click here to vote for Zack's entry, "ZBOX: Transformative Folding Space." You can also learn more about the competition, Zack's design, the other (passable) (dumb) (bland) entries.

Don't forget: vote early (before October 10) and vote often (from any computer you can)!

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Megan said...


That's so cool!!! I bet it was all because he was inspired by his awesome girlfriend!