Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blazin' Back Onto the Scene

Tommie is looking particularly Star Trek today.ALL RIGHT! Blaze is back! Oh man. This is exactly what this strip needs right now. Blaze is great for many reasons, most of which involve his kerchief. It makes him so easy to identify, plus it distinguishes him as an outsider, much like Ruby's bows. I wonder what Lu Ann's other cousins would wear to identify themselves... Hey Blaze! You might have more luck finding a piano player with craigslist than knocking on doors.


phoebes-in-santa fe said...

Again I ask. Does this comic strip supposedly take place in New York City?

Because, if it does, where is anybody ethnic? Where are the very skinny girls dressed head-to-toe in black with high-heeled boots who seem to work in every fashion, publishing, and sales company in town? For instance, that young woman who works at the Mills Gallery - Doris? - uh, uh, no way. If she was a real New Yorker, she'd be dressed in black with pulled-back hair, toddling around on impossibly high-heels, sneering at anyone they perceive not to be a true New Yorker.

Where are the gay people? Where is anyone who isn't a white-hick-from-the-country?

By the way, "Blaze" reminds me of the Jon Voigt character in that '60's movie with Dustin Hoffman.

Casey said...

Why did I think Ruby was Lu Ann's aunt and not her cousin? Is it the bows aging her?

McClure said...

Ok ok wait. I missed something. Ruby and LuAnn are related?! And why does Blaze ask for his sister and Tommie mentions Ruby first? I thought... oh who cares what I thought, I'm horribly confused.

mrvy said...

I thought Blaze was LuAnn's cousin. I think we need a list of characters and how they're connected to each of the lovely ladies. You can't keep the players straight without a scorecard.