Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Hi everyone, I'm back! I know, it was a sort of long hiatus, but it's been very busy. As someone in marketing, I can tell you that the recession has only made our department more desperate. We're basically chasing anything that moves. It's a busy time!

But I've denied my girls for too long, and there've been so many good times in my absence, so without further ado:

The Top Five Moments Over the Holiday Break!
(in case you missed them)

1. This Year Sure Sucked! 12/28/09
Hey ladies! I think that we can all cheerfully agree that we had a disastrous year. Lu Ann dealt with her depressing family and lingering grief over Alan, Margo had her fiance die, and Tommie hasn't had anything interesting happen to her since Joe flipped out on her in March. Plus I'm pretty sure Tommie is the only one who's making any money these days. Well, let's black out until the new year begins! Here here!

2. Talk to the Box 1/5/10
This wasn't that great or even very surprising that Margo's still in somewhat dramatic mourning, but it did make me giggle a little to see her staring at that box like it's Eric Mills himself. "Eric, this is all your fault! Why did you make me love you so much? Be a man and answer me!"

3. Go to @#*%!! 1/8/10
Hahaha! If Bobbie is getting this upset about the Professor not having time to flip through paint samples for her apartment in the middle of a workday, imagine how pissed she's going to get when the Professor introduces his moral quibbles about dating a married woman. When did Bobbie become this unstable, by the way? She used to be so jaded and sardonic. Now she's erratic and mood swingy. And I like it.

4. WHAT KITCHEN?!?! 1/9/10
More surprising than her secret marriage is the fact that Bobbie has been keeping a kitchen from the Professor all this time! But forgive him his fear of kitchens: a kitchen killed his parents when he was very young.

5. Hot Hot Radiator Action 1/13/10
Shit's about to hit the fan, Bobbie, but can we first take a moment to admire these handsome radiators? God they're beautiful. And the Professor looks simply DELIGHTED about the prospect of a fireplace! Don't get too excited, it's probably electric.

Best Panel of the Holiday Break: The Jealous Gods 12/27/09
Shut your face Ari, the jealous gods will hear you. You know, the jealous gods! That's an expression! Lots of people say it! Gods get jealous, okay?? It's a thing.

Worst Letdown of the Holiday Break: No Christmas party with Ruby in Queens! I know there's only so many strip in a week, but that was a really tantalizing morsel that dangled right in front of our eyes before getting yanked away. I'm telling you, that party must've been wild.

I'll be back on the regular from here on out. Here's hoping 2010 is as great/tragic as 2009!

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