Monday, January 25, 2010

Occupational Hijinks

I'll look like an amateur! Which I'm not, by the way. Whoa... Blaze. Look. I never pretended to know what you did for a living. Rodeo riding was probably my best guest, but you could've been a rodeo clown, or some kind of Old West reenactor, or... a grocery clerk I guess. In any case, it turns out you're some kind of theatrical producer? Or playwright? Or actor? I don't know, but where is this all coming from? This is more out of left field than even the Professor's turning out to be a licensed therapist. Which by the way, I still don't think he is.

Well Tommie, I hope you can play piano, because I want to see this guy in action.

By the way, reader phoebes-in-santa fe mentioned that Blaze looks like Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy. I never saw that movie, so I had to look it up.

I hope my play doesn't go bottom up!
Hahaha! An uncanny resemblance, though I can't say for sure who wears the ascot better.


Miss Emish said...

I love how Tommie has said less than 10 words all week.

Sugar Packet said...

I hope Blaze's play is a western and he needs a honky-tonk saloon pianist.

Sugar Packet said...

P.S. Blaze's ascot is twice the size of Jon Voight's.

Paul Wynn said...

i gotta admit, that cowboy looks sexy even in 2010!